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Chinatown Traditional Kitchen
Chinatown Traditional Kitchen will remind you of the early Chinatown, serving traditional Chinese zichar dishes in the luxury of modern air conditioning. You can enjoy a freshly brewed hot coffee and tea, home-brewed Chinese herbal drinks, home cooked dishes from the 60s and a wide variety of local dishes.

In the heart of Chinatown, the eatery is the best Chinese restaurant in Singapore, located just 5 minutes away from the MRT station and walk-able from Raffles Place station. As you turn left into Mosque Street, #28 is located at the far end of the road with a bright red signboard on the shop front.

At very reasonable prices, you can try the best KL thick noodles, brought to you by a master chef from Perak, Ipoh. The rich taste is made by the mix of Singapore's soya sauce and authentic soya sauce from Malaysia, coupled with the perfectly cooked noodles. All the better when consumed with sambal belancan. His exemplary culinary skill in traditional Chinese zi char is exceptional, most probably the best zi char restaurant in Singapore. One of their signature dish is the Assam Fish Head, sour and spicy, thick and simply delicious, this dish is perfect to be paired with white rice. Another must try is the Salted Egg Yolk Chicken, the chicken is fried perfectly, crunchy on the outside, juicy and moist on the inside and coated with a generous amount of salted egg yolk. If you love prawns, a must try is Fried Black Soya Sauce Prawns. Last but not least, seafood lovers can look forward to a a delectable dish of lightly fried prawns coated with sweet and salty sauce that will leave you wanting for more. The eatery also offers the best crabs in Chinatown, you will never find one that is comparable.

Chinatown Traditional Kitchen is perfect for any lunch or dinner occasions, or a great cup of traditional coffee in the morning.
Address :28 Mosque St. Chinatown, Singapore 059506
Tel : 6222 9700
Hours of Operations : Daily: 8:00am to 11:00am (Breakfast) 11:00am to 3:00pm (Lunch) 6:00pm to 12:00am (Dinner)
Email :
Cuisine : Chinese
Total Hits: 4803

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Reviewed On: 2015-07-20 05:07:16
Reviewed By: lily lee

favourite zi char restaurant hehe! my parents and i come here very often

Reviewed On: 2014-12-11 03:28:31
Reviewed By: barbie

A restaurant which i can find zichar, i gotta say its very attractive since i am a zichar lover, however u do need to have tasty and delicious food before i can leave a single comment. Their Assam Fish Curry is a must-try, spicy and tasty, i totally love it.

Reviewed On: 2014-11-18 06:48:52
Reviewed By: anthonyliew9

the fried noodles is so yummy ! I can even eat 2 bowl ~!

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