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Ubin First Stop Restaurant

Ubin First Stop Restaurant has its roots planted back at Pulau Ubin back in the 1990s. It has since shifted to East Coast Seafood Centre and now offers a delectable array of seafood favourites served as fresh as you can get because they are caught from the waters. Imbued with a rustic laidback charm that is reminiscent of the good old kampong days, this restaurant is built on an sprawling alfresco dining area with comfortable seating.
Ubin First Stop Restaurant offers an impressive selection of seafood varieties with their signature dish being the "Sambal Chilli Crab". This is a dish you can expect at every table in the restaurant. Think fresh succulent crabmeat in a bed of fragrantly spiced in-house made Sambal Chilli sauce. It is no wonder why they are highly famed for this dish. You must also not miss their Herbal Frog. This dish is cooked with a whole range of medicinal herbs, and coupled with tender meat we can see why this dish is simply comfort food served on a plate. You are also strongly recommended to try their lemon chicken, which is thoughtfully plated and leaves a sweet tangy aftertaste. To wash everything down after a hearty meal, go for the seaweed soup. Not only it is pack full of nutrients, it is also very aromatic and delicious. Trust us, you won't go wrong with this.
At Ubin First Stop Restaurant, not only do you get to savor the experience of fresh live seafood, you also get to dine at a place that is definitely a nostalgic experience and highly ideal to bring your family and friends to for a hearty feast. The excellent food here, together with great service, will definitely set you coming back for more and more.

Address :Blk 1202 East Coast Parkway #01-02 East Coast Seafood Centre, Singapore 449881.
Tel : 6546 5905
Hours of Operations : Daily 11.30 am to 11.30 pm
Email : joseph@ubinfirststoprestaurant.com.sg
Cuisine : Chinese, Asian, Seafood
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