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Swaadhisht, meaning 'tasty', is run by a housewife at Chander Road. They serves authentic South Indian Cuisine, preserving the culture, tradition and standards of their culinary tastes. The restaurant although lacks in bling and style, it is made up by warm and homey elegance atmosphere, where the emphasis is on good food.

All spices are specially imported and ground to create masalas for each dish. The spiciness of all dishes are moderate, to accommodate local taste buds and children. They also cook their dishes with appropriate amount of oil - keeping your food tasty and healthy.

Served with their light and moist Chicken Briyani are fine and delicately flavoured jeeraka chamba rice, served on banana leaves. The fragrance of banana leaves fills the air as the hot steaming rice makes its way on it. Also served with the same rice, mutton cooked to perfection in aromatic spices. Tender and melting in your mouth, this is a dish you must not miss. For something less heavy, you can opt for their Chappati, served with pickled vegetable and curry, or the fluffy Porotta.

Lastly, a classic Southern Indian snack or breakfast staple - Idli. It is spongy cakes that are made by steaming batter consisting of fermented black lentils and rice. It is served with chutney. 

Swaadhisht welcomes you and your family with their warm atmosphere and delicious Southern Indian cuisine!

#03-13 jurong point shopping centre ( next to golden village cinema)
Address :47 Chander Road Singapore 219546
Tel : 6392 0513
Hours of Operations : Daily: 11.00am - 11.00pm
Email : swaadhisht@gmail.com
Cuisine : Indian
Total Hits: 4363

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Reviewed On: 2014-12-11 03:13:00
Reviewed By: ShirleyWong0918

Ran by a housewife yet has the standards of a restaurant, really quite impressive. Love their Chicken Bryani and with their curry, that taste is invincible, will really wanna go back and try it again! 

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