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Singapore is known as a food lover's heaven, and deservedly so, its various cultural influences and a readines to take on the latest gastronomic trends made up of a unique blend of top-notch restaurants, cosy cafes, local-style hawker stalls and kopi-tiams (coffee-shops). You could literally comb the streets for good dining places, they are located at every corner of Singapore and are easily accessible. Where to Eat in Singapore is commited to bring together all Restaurants in Singapore. If you are searching for best Singapore Restaurant, our Where to Eat- Restaurants is your complete guide. We tell you the location of Singapore Restaurants and show you how to get to each restaurant complete with user reviews of those restaurants.

Singapore offers residents and travellers every type of restaurant and food imagineable. From hawker centers that sell very good cheap food to some of the best restaurants in Asia. If you choose to dine in a fine restaurant, it is definitely more than food exploration with the comfort and ambience that comes along. We have a list of the recommended restaurants here in Singapore if you can't decide where to eat, providing you a guide to some of the best restaurants in Singapore when you are out for a food hunt. New restaurants with the most updated information will be added to our food portal from time to time, so do bookmark and join this page to start your journey as a foodie in Singapore.




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